TR's Cancer Fighters Beginning

In December, 2015 Timmy Ray Davis and Danny Byrd were having a conversation concerning the events of the past year. These two men had volunteered, along with many of their friends, to work two events that had raised over $30,000 for charity. Those charities were “Women of Hope” and “Hope Lodge”. They also gave a portion of their proceeds to the North Myrtle Beach High School Athletic Association. As they talked the idea of forming a “non-profit organization” in North Myrtle Beach began to form. They discussed doing what they were doing today, but doing it as an organization with the goal being to support “local” people dealing with hardships. The discussion continued and they decided a goal would be to hold four events annually, one per quarter. With 2016 only a couple of weeks away they backed off four events since it wasn’t realistic to try and do four events the first year. And so it was decided to pursue the plan of forming a non-profit. TR’s Cancer Fighters, Inc. became South Carolina certified on January 14, 2016 and we received our 501 C 3 IRS certification on February 11, 2016. We decided on a seven person Board and Timmy Ray was tasked to pick six Directors (see Board of Directors page).

We held our first board meeting March 14, 2016. As we met and talked we decided to continue supporting the charities we supported in 2015 but more importantly we are very aware of the hardships being faced by our neighbors in the North Myrtle Beach area and they are going to get most of our attention. We will hold the same two events in 2016 but are looking to expand in 2017 to hopefully four annual events. We ask for your support for our programs and the work we are about to do. Together we can make a difference.

TR’s Cancer Fighters, Inc. is recognized as a 501 (C) 3 not for profit organization Copyright 2016